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A Brief History of Elstree Aerodrome

Elstree Aerodrome, situated on the outskirts of London, is a testament to British aviation’s rich history and pioneering spirit. Rooted in the borough of Hertsmere, Hertfordshire, it has played an essential role in UK aviation for decades.

Originally named Aldenham Aerodrome, it was established in the late 1930s, right before World War II. Throughout the war, the aerodrome was an important training base for pilots, contributing significantly to the UK’s air defence efforts.

Post-war, the aerodrome became known as Elstree Airfield, symbolizing its connection with the nearby Elstree village. It underwent a transformative phase, emerging as a hotspot for private and business aviation. Offering top-notch facilities for light aircraft and helicopters paved the way for high-standard general aviation services.

Despite its relatively small size, Elstree Aerodrome plays host to various aviation-related activities. It has a thriving flying club, flight training schools, and maintenance services that attract aviation enthusiasts, trainee pilots, and aircraft owners alike. It’s not uncommon to see a diverse range of aircraft on the site, from vintage models to modern light aircraft.

Moreover, the aerodrome’s proximity to film studios in Borehamwood has made it a common shooting location for television and movie productions. Its use in media has given it an aura of glamour and brought it into the limelight, fostering an association between aviation and entertainment.

In recent years, sustainability initiatives have been introduced, focusing on reducing environmental impact and promoting green aviation. Measures such as implementing quieter aircraft and cleaner fuels reflect its commitment to a sustainable future.

With its significant past, vibrant present, and hopeful future, Elstree Aerodrome has solidified its place as an indispensable part of London’s aviation landscape. This hidden gem, steeped in history yet thriving with modern relevance, indeed adds a distinctive charm to the panorama of British aviation.

Heston Type 1 Phoenix II G-AESV Elstree 1951


Useful Information

Location: at Hogg Lane, Elstree, Hertfordshire, WD6 3AR

Cafe opening hours:

8.30am – 5.30pm (Mon-Fri)

9am – 5.30pm (Sat)

9am – 5pm (Sun)

Lunch menu served from 12pm. Last hot food orders 45 mins before closing.

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