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Piper PA28-161 Cherokee Warrior II

Introduced in 1977, the Piper Warrior II stands as another highly successful addition to the renowned Piper Cherokee range.

It was specifically designed to provide an affordable aircraft with a combination of safe flight characteristics and commendable performance.

Setting itself apart from its Cherokee predecessors, the Warrior features a distinctive double-tapered wing planform and a wingspan extended by two feet.

This departure from the earlier blocky and constant-chord wing planforms, often referred to as ‘Hershey Bar’ wings, showcases the innovative design of the Warrior’s wings.

The unique wing shape of the Warrior enhances its controllability during aerodynamic stalls, surpassing the capabilities of previous models.

Moreover, the aircraft is equipped with a more potent engine, delivering an additional 10% horsepower compared to earlier iterations of the Warrior.

Alongside the improved aerodynamics, this power boost enables the aircraft to achieve cruising speeds of up to 118 knots (137 mph) while accommodating a crew of four.

The Piper Warrior II embodies affordability, safety, and enhanced performance, making it a noteworthy addition to the esteemed Piper Cherokee family.

ManufacturerPiper Aircraft Corporation
TypePiper PA-28-161
Aircraft ClassFixed-wing Landplane
Year Built1979
Total Hours12036 as of 29 June 2022

Cessna C152

The Cessna C152 features a high-wing design and tricycle gear. The model was introduced in 1977 and was developed as a modernised version of the highly successful Cessna 150.

Constructed primarily from all-metal, specifically aluminum 2024-T3 alloy, the airframe incorporates certain components like wing tips and fairings made from glass-reinforced plastic.

Compared to its predecessor, the C150, the C152 boasts several key design improvements.

These include increased engine power and useful load, reduced internal and external noise levels, and enhanced compatibility with the prevalent lower lead content 100LL Avgas fuel, which remains the standard for most piston aero engines in use today.

While the majority of C152s were manufactured at the Cessna factory in Wichita, Kansas, a notable number of aircraft were also produced by Reims Aviation of France.

Collectively, the C150 and C152 hold the distinction of being the most popular two-seat light aircraft ever built.

Serving as a timeless training and utility aircraft, the C152 can accommodate a crew of two and achieve a maximum cruising speed of approximately 107 knots (123 mph).

ManufacturerReims Aviation SA
TypeReims Cessna F152
Aircraft ClassFixed-wing Landplane
Year Built1980
Total Hours13560 as of 15 April 2023

Piper PA-23-250 Aztec

The Piper PA-23-250 Aztec, introduced in the 1960s, is a versatile and reliable twin-engine aircraft.

Its robust aluminum airframe, complemented by components like fiberglass fairings and wingtips, ensures durability.

Powered by two Lycoming IO-540 engines, the Aztec offers increased power and redundancy, enhancing safety during flights.

With seating for up to six individuals, its spacious cabin accommodates passengers and cargo for various purposes.

Equipped with advanced avionics, including navigation aids and reliable instrumentation, the Aztec enables precise navigation and enhanced pilot control.

Its reputation for dependability has made it a sought-after choice for private and commercial aviation.

With a cruising speed of approximately 180 knots (207 mph), the PA-23-250 Aztec provides a comfortable and efficient flight experience for long-range or shorter journeys.

The Piper PA-23-250 Aztec stands as a testament to Piper Aircraft’s commitment to engineering excellence. Its robust construction, twin-engine capability, spacious cabin, and advanced avionics make it a highly regarded aircraft in the aviation industry.

Whether for personal or commercial use, the Aztec continues to leave its mark as a versatile and reliable choice for pilots and passengers alike.

ManufacturerPiper Aircraft Corporation
TypePiper PA-23-250
Aircraft ClassFixed-wing Landplane
Year Built1973
Total Hours4328 as of 31 December 2009
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