Self Hire

With your license in hand, the sky is just the starting point for a remarkable journey ahead.

Our instructors at Masson Aviation have extensive experience flying not only in the UK but also throughout Europe, and they are ready to guide you as you explore the world from above. Whether it’s assisting with flight planning or offering advice on destinations, we are committed to instilling the confidence you need to reach your full potential. We also provide cross-Channel checkouts, introducing you to the charming town of Le Touquet on the French coast.

If you haven’t flown with us before, you will need to complete a few checkout flights to ensure your familiarity with Elstree Circuits, precise noise abatement procedures, and demonstrate your competency as a safe pilot. Please note that our checkouts are more rigorous than those at many other airfields, given the high traffic volume at the aerodrome and the critical importance of maintaining an accurate circuit.

For pilots new to Elstree Aerodrome, we will acquaint you with the local area, circuit patterns in line with local noise abatement procedures, and joining processes.

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